Ketchikan Fishing FAQ's

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Our salmon season starts in May with the early King Salmon run.  For the 2018 summer season due to Alaska Fish and Game regulations king salmon fishing can not be retained between April 1-June 14.

Starting in June, our pink salmon begin to move in.  Ketchikan is legendary for its strong pink salmon fishing.  While this is the smallest salmon species, they are fun to catch.  On a good day of fishing, you can’t keep these guys off the line.

July and August are the prime fishing months here in Ketchikan, Alaska.  Durning the heat of summer we are lucky to be in bountiful waters that supply all five species of salmon: King, Silver, Pink, and Chum. This is also a very good time of year to go evening squid fishing, as there is nothing better than fresh calamari!  If that was not enough cannot forget Halibut!  Found in depths between 150ft and 300ft of water this fish is a treat to catch.  

September is famous for its large runs of Coho (silver) salmon.  This fish is famous for its feisty nature, and its ability to put up a fight.  Halibut - Full Day ChartersFound in deep water in depths between 150 ft and 300 ft of water this fish is a treat to catch. Worman Sportfishing holds a federal Chater Halibut Permit and follows all guided sport halibut regulations that are in place to protect this species population. Our local knowledge and obsession with fishing allow our clients the opportunity to fish the "local" spots that have not been overfished. We like to allow for a minimum of a 6 hour trip for Halibut fishing, as we must run farther to reach the prime fishing grounds, and increase our chances of catching this delicious fish.

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We do not provide transportation between the cruise ship docks and Knudson Cove Marina. Taxi cabs meet all cruise ships arriving in Ketchikan at the dock and are easy to find. A cab can typically hold 6 passengers, and cost approximately $35 each way to the harbor and back to the cruise ship. Taking a cab is a common transportation method. While this is an additional cost we are typically still priced significantly lower than the same excursion sold on the cruise ships. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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You always have the option of catch and release. However, if you wish to take fish home we have a few options:

Cruise Ship Passengers:
At the end of the trip when we arrive at the dock a Cedars Lodge Custom Fish Processing representative will greet us. They will take your fish -- fillet, clean, vacuum seal and flash freeze your catch. There is also the option of having your catch smoked and sent home to you. You select the shipping date. There is a minimum order of 15 pounds that comes that will coast approximately $85.

$1.95 per pound for fresh fillets (This is based on fillet weight only and not whole carcass)
$3.95 per pound for Smoked Fish
Fed-Ex Overnight charges apply to your total weight

You will receive you own fish!
Note: Cruise ship passengers are not allowed to bring their catch back on board.

Other Guest:
For our, all day guest, fly in guests, and local visitors we can process your fish at the marina and vacuum-pack your catch on site for no additional cost. Knudson Cove Marina has the following available to our guest:

Fish Boxes
50 lbs fish box - $11
25 lbs fish box - $8.25

Freezer Space:
$5 a night to store your fish till you are ready to go home.

Note: There is also a scale available to weigh your fish boxes. If you are traveling on Alaska Airlines fish boxes must be under $50.
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We frequently get asked the question “what should I wear on a fishing charter?” There is not one answer to this, but we do have some advice.

Layers, layers, layers is the most important thing to remember when planning your trip. The best thing to do is dress In multiple layers so that while we are waiting for the big one, you won’t get cold and when the fishing is hot, and your blood is pumping you will be able to shed a layer or two to keep from sweating.

Rain gear is critical when fishing in Ketchikan. We do provide rain gear aboard both our boats.

Footwear is another area where I see the most problems, the best thing to wear is a full shoe or boot with a soft rubber sole or tread. Some things not to wear would open toe shoes or sandals, high heels, and cowboy boots while waterproof the hard soles provide no grip on the hard boat deck.

Accessories, sun-glasses with polarized lenses we are the rain capital, while we get about 100 sunny days, you will still need those polarized lenses so you can see what’s going on under the waves. A good hat to keep the sun and rain off your face is a must. Sun block even on the overcast days you can still get a bad burn on the water.

Above all, you will need a sense of adventure, a positive attitude, and your camera because nobody ever believes you unless you have pictures.

We are a private operation owned and operated by Kyle Worman a Ketchikan local. We are a small company and to provide the best fishing trips possible, do not combine groups who are unknown to each other. When you book a charter the boat is yours. Coast Guard regulations limits all boat to a maximum of 6 passengers per vessel. To be able to cover our overhead, we have a minimum of 4 people. If you do have a smaller group, it is possible to rent the boat, and not charge per person. Please see our "Fishing Rates Page" for more information.
Alaska Fishing Licenses are not included, however they can be purchased on the boat with cash.
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All charter includes snack food (crackers or cookies), soda, rain gear and all needed fishing equipment. Processing is available at the dock for an additional charge.